Guinea Bissau Essay

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Guinea-Bissau The cities are specifically located in each region because that is what the regions are named after. Some countries this issue may face are transportation. From my background knowledge I already know that this country is a third-world country. This country might have a lack of roads and airport stations. The map shows that their main transportation could be through water. Also they might have conflict between the regions. Waterways are an important part of this countries development. This might be the way the country handles imports and exports. The natural resources help the country have a main good to export. The arable land could play a role with Guinea-Bissau’s agricultural development because it could be used to grow crops. United States of America The cities are located in each region because every state has its own capital. Some issues the country faces are pollution based on the use of factories and motorized objects. We also have a growth in population which effects the pollution in America today. The natural resources of the U.S help the country stay in the category of MDC’s. Without abundant resources we have today we couldn’t make any money off of exportation. But, the country’s main resource is coal which encourages pollution. The U.S. also has many waterways used for drinking and travel which helps the overall development. We also have arable land used for many things, but the government controls what should go there in the free

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