Guilty As Charged Essay

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Running head: GUILTY AS CHARGED Guilty As Charged ETH 501 Business Ethics TUI University Abstract The business world has faced several serious issues in the past. There have been several news headlines of companies charged with fraudulent dealings revealed everyday. All these issues are linked to a lack of ethics on the part of CEO’s. Bernard Ebbers, the former CEO of WorldCom is realizing the harsh reality of unethical decision making. The mastermind of an accounting scandal has been sentenced to a 25-years in prison. Not acting as a utilitarian while making critical decisions affected the entire company and he lost everything including his freedom. This greedy CEO cared more about self-interest and rightfully deserved his punishment. Ethics, what is the meaning of ethics? People have different replies to describe the meaning of the word. Most people tend to associate the meaning with their feelings, but when a person follows their own feelings there’s a possibility that they may withdraw from doing what is right. Being ethical is not necessarily abiding the law, because again personal feelings become involved. Ethics refers to standards of right and wrong that lay down what humans should do, generally known as rights and obligations. A person’s own moral beliefs and conduct must live up to these standards. In the business world a Chief Executive Officer must operate following ethical standards. They have the responsibility of employment for every person with in their institution. That includes building a positive culture for employees to work in. People are affected by the culture of a company; treating employees with fairness and integrity will motivate them to put forth a strong effort. A CEO is also the link between the inside of the corporation and the outside and ultimately determines the results of the corporation. They determine the

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