Guilt In Macbeth

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Guilt “The Silent Killer” In William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” guilt and shame causes a slow and painful death not only for Macbeth but Lady Macbeth as well. From Macbeth’s hallucinations of Banquo’s ghost to Lady Macbeth’s suicide, guilt is represented in both of these misfortunes. Guilt causes Macbeth’s mind to slowly deteriorate over time, which generates a slow and agonizing death. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth suffer from insanity due to their crimes, making both them choose extreme immoral decisions such as agreeing to kill Banquo. Knowing this(Prpp) one might assume that Macbeth’s self­destructive guilt cannot be appeased by recourse to action. From ordering to kill Banquo to forcing Macbeth to kill Duncan; (Semi)Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s overall actions of misinterpreting guilt for fear causes…show more content…
In modern society the concept of guilt is commonly misinterpreted for fear. For example in today's society people of conscience may fear that a poor person might die on the streets. However fear is present but their is more guilt towards the homeless person. In Macbeth the same events happen, from Macbeth thinking Banquos ghost is just a fear of his, and it was made by the witches, he chooses to ignore it however Macbeth makes the crucial mistake of the misjudgement of fear and guilt. Macbeth seeing Banquos ghost is not his fear but his guilt over killing his best friend. With Lady Macbeths’ case she makes the crucial mistake of worrying about the future ultimately this causes her to go insane because she keeps thinking that she will be caught. However that is not the reason for her insanity, she was consumed by the guilt of forcing Macbeth to kill Duncan, she could no longer live with herself so she committed suicide to put an end to her misery. In modern society both of the misfortunes of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth can happen to anyone, why do human beings do anything to become successful even if it requires them to push others under the bus. Guilt is the number one reason for depression in America and the second highest reason that causes people to commit suicide in todays society. Although humans strive for greatness but at what point do we need to stop and say I am hurting someone else for my own self

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