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Learning Team B Guillermo Furniture Store Recommendation Michelle Powell, Kevin Schumann, and Leigh McManus University of Phoenix FIN 571 Eric Hohl, Instructor June 15, 2009 Guillermo Furniture Scenario The University of Phoenix Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario is interesting as several alternatives impact business planning and control (2009). To effectively choose an alternative, Mr. Navallez must examine relevant quantitative and qualitative information. Glances at four alternatives are presented in the chart below. |Alternative |Pros |Cons |Needed information | |Merge |Efficient, cost effective production |Furniture no longer sold at quality |Current production counts/costs | | |Requires less manpower |standard |Determine cost of equipment | | | |Does not like the idea of other countries’|upgrades | | | |involvement in making his product | | | | |Significant equipment costs | | |Distribute |Has country-wide chain connections |Shifts from manufacturing to distributing |Forecast of potential profits | | |Can continue some manufacturing | |versus current profit margin | | | | |Consider opportunity cost for | |

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