Guild Wars 2 Will Be Enjoyed. Essay

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Find AI, willing to share his problem with the hero, quite simply, because these guys are a huge exclamation mark over his head. All meet our protagonist (a rare name GameGuru) characters are sad and depressed psychologically terrifying experience. Still, fiends led by Diablo violated their peace plans, destroyed villages, killed a lot of innocent people. And most of the AI requests related to the search of a person, necessary items or killing monsters. Speaking of the latter. In the fantasy guys from Guild Wars 2 will not give up: even in a short beta test (for the passage took about 3 hours) failed to note the diversity of creatures, ghouls, without starting from the lower body, ghosts, giant bats, and a great ending boss Skeleton King, who symbolizes Guild Wars 2 beta. For each completed task XP gives points for the development of the level of the protagonist, gold coins for various purchases and coveted artifact for "pumping" a certain ability. Now, as the hero. Anyone who likes to tinker with equipment character, his "skill" and other "trinkets", Guild Wars 2 will be enjoyed. "Skills" are divided as to the passive and active. Experiment to your taste, choose the right skills. Between missions is to stop for a few minutes, watching the harvest in your inventory. Is it time to replace the shoulder pads and boots? New clothes will be more tightly old, and therefore increase your armor. From time to time should be replaced and weapons, damage from which the above. It is quite logical things, is not it? In general, all the attention give to the gameplay, and only him. Sometimes the screen is created real chaos, especially when it comes to the battle with the boss. Near the end of our hero joined the brave warrior (it was possible to refuse, the choice is yours), and then was approaching the final
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