Guidlines for Writing a Thesis Essay

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1 Research Topic  Area of Interest: There are a number of students who had already identified their area of interest by the time they come to Thesis Class. But for those who don’t, it was agreed that the first task for Thesis is identification of student’s area of interest. Any one or combination of some of the following uniform structured steps would be taken to help students identify their interest area. o Grade temptation: This strategy is for the extreme type of students who have no idea of thesis and have not even identified their area of interest. Grades obtained in the relevant course would be ascertained. The course in which they got maximum grades would be chosen. Thereafter they would be further brainstormed about some specific chapters of the course. The chapter which stimulates them the most would be chosen as their area of interest. o Previous Research Oriented Courses: Previous Research Oriented Courses like SIM, QTIA & ARM can also be helpful in identifying Area of Interest o Work Experiences: Working students can be asked to reflect on their job & work experiences. They can be asked to think critically & reflect at any practice or process at their jobs, which, they feel is not delivering results and should be improved/ changed. This is something which has maximum chances of stimulating students and helping them identify their areas of interest. o Marketable: Students can be asked to identify any area which they feel will make them & their CV more marketable for job hunt. o Promotion/ Growth at jobs: Areas which can help students get a promotion at present jobs or help them grow professionally can be chosen to write thesis. o Feedback from Corporate world: It was also discussed that the needs & wants of corporate world can be identified as the areas of interest. Students can be asked to write thesis on the themes or gaps identified by corporate

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