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INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY, ISLAMABAD (Office of the Vice President (Academic Affairs) No.VP(Acad.)1(1)/2012-IIU Dated: 31 December 2012 Subject: Guidelines for Thesis Writers Enclosed please find guidelines for the encouragement of our thesis writers and to give the students an opportunity for designing and producing a complete research project. All Deans/Directors, HoDs and Chairpersons of the University are requested to kindly circulate among the thesis writers of the University. 2. This issues with the approval Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad, Vice President (Academic Affairs), IIU. (Muhammad Ismail) Assistant Director, IIU Distribution:1. 2. 3. c.c. 1. 2. 3. SPS to Rector, IIUI SPS to President, IIUI SPS to Vice President (AFP), IIU All Deans/Directors, HoDs and Chairpersons, IIU Dr. Husnul Amin, Chairperson, IR Department, IIU Director (Acad.), IIU 1 HAMSTON UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE POLITICAL SCIENCE 404 OFFICE HOURS: SENIOR SEMINAR II SPRING 2001 INSTRUCTORS: MUMTAZ AHMAD, Ph.D. MW: 11-1 PM, F: 3-5 PM MLK 203 PHONE: 727-5879 PURPOSE Of POLITICAL SCIENCE 404 The purpose of this course is to give the students an opportunity to design and produce a complete research project that utilizes methods of systematic inquiry. This research project is considered the magnum opus of the students four years of academic training in the Department of Political Science and Hampton University. Students must be able to display in this research their grasp of the essentials of the discipline. What this means is that students must display their ability and skill to use and to manipulate major concepts, theories, and approaches used in the Political Science. Additionally, students should be able to illuminate ideas, themes, and subjects in the discipline by applying techniques of precise, paraphrase, information gathering, analysis,

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