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Guidline Of Purchasing A Computer Essay

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  • on March 15, 2009
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This assignment is a management briefing for the guideline of purchase of personal computers.
As a Business Analyst, I will be responsible to develop recommendations on one set of desktop computer and one set of notebook computer.

Research and describe on different vendors with their product line are will be one of the category as well as support and warranty information expectations.   Three companies will be studied; Dell, Compaq and HP.   Different computer configuration will be analyst, concentration on differentiation and comparison between typical office workers, power users as well as business and home-oriented systems.

Summary and conclusion of contents will be stated at the end of this assignment. (Please refer to table of contents for more information)

Following report will show details of in-depth knowledge, researches, and analyst.

Contents 1 – What is computer and computer configuration - Hardware?

1-1 .   What is computer?
A computer is a machine for manipulating data according to a list of instructions.
It perform general purpose tasks as word processing, internet browsing, e-mail and other digital messaging, multimedia playback, video game play, computer programming, etc.   One funtional computer must supported with hardware (tangiable objects) and software (have no material form and stored in hardware).

1-2 .   Computer configuration - Hardware
Computers are which the technology is needed for every business
organizations, it is certainly for home users as well.   In market, there are plenty of various configurations of computers that suitable for different types of people.   Specify configurations are for professional users or workers.   For example, specific users such as designer use higher and more powerful of computers.

Unlike the software applications, hardware is seldom needed to replace.   Unless you wanted to upgrade to highest level or part of hardware has worn out, otherwise a fixed configuration could...

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