Guidelines for Writing a Review

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Guidelines for writing a review 1 AIM A review is a type of text that aims at expressing your evaluation of a text. The purpose of the evaluation in the course Global Supply Chain Operations is to show that you can critically read a scientific paper, comment on it and relate it to other scientific/theoretical writing. In addition, this exercise aims at improving your academic writing skills. Like other forms of academic writing, reviewing is subject to certain conventions. The suggestions below should help you focus on both the form and the content of your review. We have made a selection of general guidelines for the purpose of reviewing assignments in this course. 2 PREPARATION Before starting to write, we distinguish two steps: careful reading and critical thinking. Careful reading Take time to read the article several times. Start with a fast going through it by reading the abstract, searching for the main aim and reading the conclusions. This will give you an initial understanding of the paper. Then read the paper at least two times in full: once to get the gist of the article, and once or twice slowly to understand and digest the details. The first time, determine the author’s main idea(s) and the arguments presented to these ideas. The second (and third) time, take notes while reading: underline or colour mark interesting or important passages, and write down ideas, preliminary comments or questions in the margin. Critical thinking and reflecting Being a novice in the field and in science it might be difficult to even think about being critical or even opposing arguments of well settled and well-known scientists and writers. However, developing such skills is essential in becoming an academic. Here are two ways of starting to develop such skills. One way to develop this critical attitude and to reflect on points the author makes is
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