Guidelines for Selecting Toys for Young Children Essay

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When selecting toys for young children, certain guidelines need to be met, so that the child is not at risk for harm in any way and so that they can learn effectively. Young children learn by putting toys in their mouths, so any toys selected for a young child to play with, must not have any small or loose parts as this can lead to choking or death. The toys should also be well made and durable so that parts do not break off. The toys need to be interesting and appealing to a young child, as they do not have a very large attention span. The toys should also be well suited for the age group you are selecting toys for. They can not be too complicated and be well suited to the child’s physical capabilities. If the toy is painted, it must be with non toxic lead free paint and must be able to be cleaned easily. For electronic toys, they should be approved by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) which is where they test to make sure that all electronic toys are safe for young children. You should check to make sure that the toys you are selecting have not been recalled by the manufacturers which you can do by checking online at the Consumer Product Safety Commission Website. For soft fabric toys, they should be made from flame retardant materials, are washable, and not have any loose stitching where parts inside like rattles can fall out and be a choking hazard. Toys that make noise, rattle, play music or squeak cannot be too loud either as this could damage a child’s

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