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Guidelines Essay

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Team Project Guidelines


This capstone course concludes with a research Team Project that starts during the first week and continues throughout the duration of the class.   It culminates with the submission of a formal team report and an oral presentation by each team during Week 7, and Peer Reviews in Week 8.  

Each team will identify and explore an emerging technology. This will be a technology that may already exist, but is drawing attention because of new applications, anticipated impacts or potential controversies. Examples could include:

  * Nanotechnology in manufacturing,
  * Genetically modified organisms,
  * Remote/robotic surgery, or
  * Wireless electricity.

The team will explore the technical, social, cultural, moral and ethical issues presented by the technology.


All teams will be assigned at the start of the first week. The first deliverable is due on the Sunday of Week 1, so students must get organized and into the project immediately. Each team will select a Team Leader, who will be responsible for the coordination of the research and the submission of assignments. Team members will remain on the assigned team throughout the duration of the class (in the project world, project managers seldom have the opportunity to select their own team members!). It is highly recommended that each team develop its own Team Contract to clearly define expectations, strategies, and timelines.

Emphasis is placed on both individual contributions and the final product of teams. You will communicate with your team through team meetings (online) and team discussion threads. Team members who fail to participate in an assignment will not get points for that assignment.

With those parts of the Team Project where a group grade will be assigned, all team members must submit a copy of the team’s work. When an assignment is completed, the Team Leader will distribute the finished product to all team members, and...

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