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DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK SY14G: SOCIOLOGY FOR THE CARIBBEAN Tutorial Questions and Guide Semester II GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR ESSAYS: Each question is divided into three basic sections: 1. The Introduction: This where there are definitions of key terms/concepts, and use of these concepts, which indicates an understanding of the question asked. If the question asks for reference to the Caribbean, we expect a discussion of at least one country. An indication of the country or countries being referred to, will therefore be necessary. 2. Discussion: The main section. Here we expect the following: i. A discussion of at least three main points logically linked. ii. The use of relevant sociological theories iii. At least three published references i.e. books and published articles (not newspapers- these are extra). iv. Caribbean examples and references v. Answering exactly what was asked. Were all the parts of the question answered? 3. Conclusion Brief summary of the main points made. A statement of the final position of the writer is necessary. Does he/she agree with the statement of the question, and to what extent? A final position MUST be stated. Other important Considerations: An essay must not obtain an “A” if there is: i. No discussion of theory or literature. ii. Very poor grammar and syntax. iii. No referencing The following should be on the cover page: 1. The name of the course, and its code 2. NAME and ID# of the student 3. Name of faculty you are from 4. Name of tutor 5. Tutorial day and time 6. Title of essay 7. Date of
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