Guided Reading For Night By Elie Wiesel Essay

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2/15/12 Chapters 1-2 1. I felt lots of empathy towards this helpless man who had foreseen the consequences that would eventually happen to the villagers. I thought that the way the villagers treated him was selfish and I could see why he was very saddened by how ignorant they were towards him. 2. Wiesel’s community at the beginning is usually very attached to their god and prosperous. Elie was also interested in scholar type education towards his religion and he also had much respect for his god and prayed a lot. Although he did pray he wasn’t absolutely sure to the reasoning of why he did. 3. Some incidents that provide an insight of danger is when Moishe warns Elie and all the other citizens of what he predicts will happen to the community after he and his people had been captured. Also Germans enter Hungarian territory which leads to a lot of foreshadowing. 4. Strict rules were applied early on, warning that Jews would be shot under certain conditions. Jewelry was also taken from them. When the Jews notice Madame Schacter they suspect that she has become mentally insane. They tried to calm her by trying to reason and cooling her down, but she ignored them and kept hollering of a fire. This reveals that these people were sympathetic to her at the beginning, but thought that there was something mentally wrong with her at this point and decided to try physical attacks on her to try to wake her up. 5. I think that the treatment of her by punishing her if she panicked is something analogous to the scenarios in which the Nazis treated the Jews. Wiesel foreshadows of the fire when Madame Schacter starts yelling and he others wake up believing that there was a fire. I think this was a moment that is quite significant as the belief of the fire was not feared on the train, but as they arrive it is the greatest monster as many are burned in crematories.

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