Guide to Write a Research Report at Rmit

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Here are some basic instructions which should allow you to see - how your report should be structured - what should and should not be in each section Structure These are the sections that you need in your report: Abstract Introduction or Background Purpose Findings Conclusion Recommendations Reference List ( They should be in this order in your report. Abstract ➢ The purpose of the Abstract is to provide readers with basic information about your entire report so that they know if it is useful for them to read. That’s how you should be using other writers’ abstracts when you are doing research. ➢ When do I write it? Last. Do not start by writing your abstract. It cannot be written until you have finished the rest of the report. This is very important. Write it last. ➢ How do I write it? This is just a general suggestion, not a rule: Write one sentence summarising each section of your report. So, one sentence about the situation (intro or background); one sentence for purpose including focus; one sentence for each findings section; one sentence for conclusion; and one short sentence for recommendations. |What should be in the Abstract |What should NOT | |A very brief summary of all sections of the report (except the reference |Lots of introductory information. | |list). |Lots of details. Do not develop your points here. | | |Bullet points. Yes, I know. It’s in your text in the MMULC report, but ... | | |this is very

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