Guide To Being A Kibbutz Volunteer By John Carson Essay

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Guide To Being A Kibbutz Volunteer By John Carson Introduction Ever thought of being a kibbutz volunteer in Israel? My name is John Carson, I'm an English backpacker and I was a kibbutz volunteer for over two years—and had a fantastic time! This free guide will offer tips, hints and information on being a kibbutz volunteer, what Israel is like and what you can get up to over there. Let me just state that I am not an agency of any kind so can't organize a place on a kibbutz for you. I get no money for this guide or my website from an official kibbutz volunteer office; it's just a passion of mine that I produce for the fun of it. I also had a book published called Beer And Bagels For Breakfast. This is an extremely funny and informative guide to being a volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel. I have been a volunteer four times now and, believe me, you will not understand what a good time can be had unless you try it. Beer And Bagels For Breakfast is a diary of those brilliant days as a kibbutz volunteer. It is fast becoming THE volunteer bible! You can get details here. I welcome any questions about being a kibbutz volunteer; just e-mail me at or sign my guestbook ( travellers are scattered worldwide and I want to hear your comments and stories!), and return to my Web site often because I am always updating it. I should stress that I am not an agency and cannot arrange a kibbutz placement for you! Wish I could, but you have to contact this organization. Hope you find this guide and my website useful and decide to backpack to Israel to be a kibbutz volunteer! Cheers, John Carson Twitter: @johncarson Kibbutz Life A kibbutz is a commune in Israel where the members all work and contribute to the running of the kibbutz. In return, their basic living necessities such as food and accommodation are provided

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