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Instruction 1. Need at least 3 players and a maximum of 5 players. One player needs to be the banker. 2. Every player will be provided $1,000. 3. Place the Good Luck card and the Bad Luck Card on the board. 4. Every player should choose a chess piece and toss the dice to decide who will start first. 5. On every step you make, there is a question the player needs to answer. (the questions in red a more difficult and the questions in yellow are easier) 6. If the player answers the question correctly, he/she can get a Good Luck card. (Players can choose not to do what the Good Luck card says) If the player answers the question incorrectly, they will need to take a Bad Luck card. 7. To win the game, you will need to gain as much money as possible. 8. Players will need $6000 to buy a house. Rules 1. No cheating. 2. Players are not allowed to ask anyone for the answers and they cannot read from the textbook or notes. 3. Every player will have one minute to answer the question. If the players cannot answer the questions in time, they will need to get a Bad Luck card. 4. Player who doesn’t have any money left has to quit the game. Questions 1. What does interdependent means? (Chapter 1) 2. What are the factors that can increase or decrease demand? (Chapter1) 3. Why are consumers reluctant to buy online? (Chapter 2) 4. List the forms of business ownership. (Chapter 2) 5. What is a code of ethics? (Chapter 3) 6. What is the pay equity legislation? (Chapter 3) 7. What is a domestic transaction? (Chapter 4) 8. What are the 2 main benefits of trade agreements? (Chapter 4) 9. What does Automation refers to? (Chapter 5) 10. What 2 types can capital divided into? (Chapter 5) 11. What 4 categories can jobs divided into? (Chapter 6) 12. What are financial careers and entrepreneurs? (Chapter 6) 13. What are the 4 functions of management? (Chapter

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