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Silverturtle's Guide to SAT and Admissions Success Hello! I hope you find this guide to be helpful for whatever purpose you exploit it. Contents • The SAT o Introduction to and Assessment of the Reasoning Test (Posts 2, 3, 4) o General Strategies (5) o The Blue Book and Prep Courses (6) o Critical Reading  Sentence Completion Questions: Vocabulary (7, 8)  Passage Questions: Reading Effectively (9, 10) o Mathematics  Learning How to Solve the Questions: Accuracy (11)  Solving Them Fast and Without Error: Precision (11) o Writing (Grammar guide: 12, 13, 14, 15)  Improving Sentences: Syntax and Clarity (16)  Identifying Errors: Grammar and Diction (16)  Improving Paragraphs: Terse, Logical Communication (16)  The Essay (16) o Scoring (17)  Calculating the Raw Score  From Raw Score to Scaled Score: The Curve o The SAT's Role in Admissions (See "College Admissions") o The PSAT (17)  Differences from the SAT  National Merit o SAT Subject Tests (17)  Selecting the Tests  Preparing o AP Tests (17) o An Alternative: The ACT (17) • College Admissions o There Are No Guarantees—But It's Not Totally Random (18) o The Cliché That Doesn't Lie: Top Colleges and Holistic Review (18) o Test Scores (18)  Sending Scores: Superscoring and Score Choice  What Score Do I Need?—Higher Is Better  Should I Retake?—When "Better" Just Isn't Worth It o Your Transcript: The Heart of an Application (18) o Standing Out: The Subjectives (19)  Extracurriculars: Getting Involved and Being a Leader  Awards: Aptitude Beyond the Scores  Hooks: They Work  Essays and Recommendations Matter • o Using Your Resources: College Confidential and Decisions Threads (19) o The Common Application (19) o Graduate and Professional School Admissions: Some Basic Information (19) College Selection (19) o Apply to a Lot of Schools o Consider

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