Guidance and Counselling Essay

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Essay Why do I want to enroll in the Guidance and Counseling Programme Guidance is being defined by the Oxford dictionary as: advice and information given by an experience and skilled person. Counseling is defined by the same dictionary as: to give professional help and advice to someone with psychological or personal problems. Therefore in this area of study I will attain the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to offer professional help and guidance to persons in need. I will be able to make informed decisions that will help others to achieve their goals. My most important skill will be fully utilized as I enjoy actively listening to people. It will allow me to fulfill my passion for helping people. My esteem needs will also be fulfilled as I do wish to continue offering my service to the organization to which I am presently employed. Economically, socially and emotionally I will be able to achieve my future goals. I am employed with an organization which as entrusted me with the care and development of female teenagers ranging between the ages of 14 to 21; I am solely responsible for guiding them into self-sufficiency. The youngsters will be better guided into productive career paths and building positive self confidence. The organization will now have someone who can multi-tasked which will save them money that can be used in other areas of development. A counselor that is readily available to staff and children will lessen emotional burdens and create a more productive workforce and the organization will depart more focused and will rounded individuals into the wider society. Finally a country having more focused and emotionally healthy people will be more productive and less burdensome to the government and I wish to play my part in creating such a

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