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I enjoyed listening to Ms. Schoenbach educate me about the child abuse prevention program. This three-tiered program, which started in 1992, works with parents, staff, and children ages 4-12. The Child Abuse Prevention Program wants to help educate children of the dangers of sexual abuse and give them the knowledge and response skills needed in order to avoid becoming a victim. This is a free program, which offers seminars for victims and people who want to learn more about the abuse of children. I was shocked listening to Ms. Schoenbach talk about the sexual abuse of children between the ages of 4-12. I couldn’t believe the statistics I read in the Child Abuse Prevention Program manual. One statistic that shocked me is, 90% of the time a child is sexually molested and it’s someone they know. I couldn’t believe it. Also, the sexual abuse of children is never an isolated incident. Child molesters will always repeat the abuse. If a child molester will always repeat this sick act, then why do they let these people out of prison? They will always be a danger to children. It is important for parents, schools, friends, and the community to stress the importance of preventing child abuse. The Child Abuse Prevention Program explains to children to tell a trusted adult if they are being abused and it is never their fault if they are sexually abused. There are four areas of abuse the manual talks about. They are neglect, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. The most common abuse is neglect, yet it is hard to prove in most cases. It is important for all adults to be aware of child abuse in the families, schools, neighborhoods, and communities. Children are precious and they don’t deserve to be violated in any way. If programs can educate children and adults about the prevention of child abuse, maybe people can help put a stop to this sick act. Ms. Schoenbach has

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