Guest Of The Sheik Bullets

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Life for women: 1. All women were required to wear an Abayah. An Abayah is a dress that is essentially a wrap that only exposed the eyes of women. If women happen to have their face showing as soon as they see a man that is unfamiliar, they will immediately cover up their face fully until only their eyes show. 2. If women prepare a meal for a guest they make more than the guest can eat. The leftovers are then served to women, children, family servants, and to the poor. 3. When the women’s husbands have company, the woman is not to be seen. Unless beckoned by their husband. 4. When women had meetings or gatherings in a bedroom and were only surrounded by each other they were not required to be an Abayah. 5. Women do smoke cigarettes some men do not like their woman to smoke 6. Women are close to each other in the village whether they agreed with or not most shared husbands. 7. Most women wore gold p. 33 “A woman’s jewelry is her own insurance against disaster, and the community may take action against men who attempt to seize their women’s gold. They are usually gifts from their fathers. Husbands would also buy women gold. 8. Women had multiple children 9. When a meal is offered to a guest, it is known to be an honor to eat alone. 10. The meals have a big variety of foods. Usually ten to twelve different dishes P.34 11. The woman believes that children are gifts from Allah they say thanks to be god frequently. 12. They assume that if you have no mother or no contact with your mother that you are very lonely and when you have children that will fill the void. 13. If a woman was unable to bear children and was already married, it was a valid reason for divorce. 14. A model wife is a woman who stayed at home, prepared good food for her husband and his guests, and kept out of sight of strangers. 15. Gypsy women traveled with men and dressed more
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