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Guest Letter

  • Submitted by: Bobbobtung
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Yan Tung, Lau
Sunggye Hong
27th November, 2013
Guest Speaker Thank You Letter
Dear Steve Krauss,
        First of all I would like to thank you for coming and share your ideas and expertise about working with visual impairments students. I learned different things about how to work with children with visual impairments from you. I now understand the roles of a TVI and what is it like to be a TVI on a regular day. You also made me understand the benefits of working with student throughout the whole school year and the education process of student with visual impairment in a mainstream school. If student is attending general education classes, they are more likely to be place in a program after school with a provider that they see one hour a day.
        It was really interested to know the reason you chose to teach student with visual impairments and learn about your journey. You told us you gave up your higher pay job that you had been doing for 6 years and became a TVI. You made me understand doing something meaningful in life is better than getting a higher pay. Moreover, I am very impressed by how much extra time you spend every day to get ready for all the students at school. It was surprising to know how much you do every day.
        I am now considering to work with children with visual impairments because you made me understand it is important to do thing that is meaningful in life. Since I am an international student from Hong Kong, I believe I will go back after I graduate and hope that I can become a TVI over there. Thank you for sharing your work in our class again. It's always nice to hear something useful, and your ideas certainly sparked a lively moment among all of us.
Selena, Yan Tung Lau
San Francisco State University

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