Guerilla Warfare Essay

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Guerrilla Warfare Account for the adoption of Guerilla War and assess for its effectiveness Guerilla is Spanish for “little war”. Guerilla war is a war of people which aims to bring about revolutionary change in a society. It is a method of political and military struggle that involves conflict between irregular forces and an established regular army. As an unconventional type of warfare, it involves limited combat against military targets. Although in itself it really affords military victory, it is an essential, early and intermediate stage of revolutionary reform. A Guerilla war can also be described as “a poor man’s way of waging war against a mighty international or and state power”. Guerilla forces need the support of the masses in order to survive. A guerilla fighter is not simply a mercenary or a bandit, but is rather a highly motivated social and political reformer. Guerilla war has been the most common form of warfare since 1945. Its strategies are primarily based on alertness, mobility and attack. The conditions for guerilla warfare must be adjusted to the enemy’s situation, the terrain, communication levels, the weather and the situation of the country’s people. It is essential for a guerilla force to keep itself from getting destroyed. “Hit and run” tactics are used against enemy bases and communications to demoralize the enemy. A good example of the ideal conditions needed for guerilla warfare is shown in struggles which have involved ordinary people going against an imperial power, such as at the end of WW1. During times like these, the rebels were often very poorly equipped and were therefore, unable to defeat the conquering power by conventional means and rather, had to rely more on the support of the people. The areas of the world where guerilla war has been very successful and which have been suitable for the practice of guerilla warfare,
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