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rningGood Morning to the teacher and my fellow pupils. GAMBLING AND THE EFFECTS AND CONSEQUENCES IT HAS Several forms of gambling were legalized in South Africa in 1996. A change in Legislation saw the establishment of legal casinos, a national lottery and other forms of gaming. According to a survey taken, the most popular forms of gambling were the national lottery , slot machine, horse racing betting, scratch cards and a few others . Many casinos around the country were opened and thus proved as a form of entertainment to the public. But what people had not realized is that Gambling can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Everyday that you gamble you risk losing everything you own and desire. You can occur problems due to gambling, which can lead to debt, loss of career and family, legal problems or even suicide. In this case gambling for longer and longer periods of time could lead to addiction or obsession. Gambling becomes a problem when a person tries to win back lost money and ends up losing more. Also neglecting family needs to gamble is an extremely immense problem. And last, gambling could include escaping from social activities, daily pressures and obligations, and absence from work to gamble. Furthermore if gambling is done responsibly and handled in the right way it is harmless and fun. Some ways to gamble include setting a budget and sticking to it, setting a time limit, and taking frequent breaks. In addition, gambling for entertainment and not as a way to make money. Another way for responsible gambling is to not chase losses, accept them as the cost of entertainment. If you look at gambling closer you will realize that compulsive gamblers not only do damage to themselves but to the economy as well. If you look it most people end up broke due to their gambling addiction and therefore cannot afford things like their children’s

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