Guasha Essay

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Gua sha is a traditional Chinese treatment meant to cure all sorts of pains from colds to muscle pain. In the movie this treatment is used on Da Tong, the main actor’s son by his very Chinese and very traditional grandfather. The welts that form on his are misinterpreted as some sort of abuse by a nurse who calls the local authorities. This is an example of how one’s culture and traditions may be misinterpreted if no investigation is done regarding the matter. The authorities take the son into foster care while waiting for the trial of the case and immediately condemn da Tong and naming him an abuser. No investigation is done regarding this child as should have been done considering that Da Tong is not an American and thus his traditions are different from those of the locals. This portrays how local legal authorities might in a way mistreat a foreigner by condemning them without first investigating the cultural differences in question. The deliberate mocking of the monkey king by the attorney not only serves to wound Da Tong’s pride but also mocks eastern traditions thus showing the attorney’s prejudice other cultures. This also serves to portray how many a time the local legal systems make no effort to educates its representatives about other cultures thus leaving the foreign residents as victims of the system in cases where there are cultural different. The judge’s refusal or rather his inability to withdraw the case after the social welfare representative reconsiders suing Da Tong highlights how the American legal system uses procedural law. It is therefore not possible for the judge to pull off the case without following proper procedure regardless of the fact that the person who initially reported the case is no longer interested in pursuing it. Such a system makes it harder for Da Tong to be reunited with his son before solid proof of his innocence is

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