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Natalie Witherell P-6 Diffusion and Osmosis Lab Hypothesis: When the concentration of the salt goes up, the weight of the potato core goes down. The weight will go down because salt and H2O will diffuse into the potato and make it squishy. The starch will represent the ions in the kidney and the water is the blood. The blood will diffuse into the kidney and the ions will be pushed out and the ions will diffuse into the blood. 2.) What happened to the size of the Elodea Cells? When the cells was full of water, the cell was long and big. But when the salt solution was added, the salt sent the water out of the cell, and the cell became smaller. 3.) What must be happening to the size of the potato cells in the Salt H20? The salt must be pushing all the water out of the potato and leaving the salt on the outside. 4.) How does this affect you original prediction? Make a new prediction and a new graph is needed. I predict that the solutions with little salt will go up because the water will enter the potato. As more salt is added to the solution, the more weight is lost. The potato that were in the saltiest solution will lose the most weight. 1.) Ions are charged particles. The phospholipids in the membrane are negatively charged. So is a positive charged molecule comes near it, it will just stick to the membrane. If a negative particle comes near the membrane, it will be pushed away. 2.) The ions couldn’t enter the cell because they were too big and were charged. 3.)The potatoes lost weight because the solution they were in would suck the water out of the potatoes. 4.) The potatoes gained weight because the solution they are in caused them to swell and fill with water. 5.) 6.)Some of the water that went into the cell could have particles of salt to which would make the Potatoes heavier. 7.)Because the thickness of blood is important. If

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