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GS1145 SA5 Garrett Maupin Virtual vs. Traditional Teams There are many advantages to having virtual teams as well as a traditional face to face team as well, but there are many disadvantages as well. Starting out when you look at the trust factor, in a Traditional face to face team meeting you can actually hold fellow co-workers accountable and make sure that they are doing their part. In a Virtual meeting you have to have a little more trust in team mates. For example in a virtual meeting a co-worker may need to have spreadsheets available for the meeting to shoot off some numbers and if he cannot get it uploaded or didn’t do his job it is much harder for his boss to micro manage and make sure that he is being an efficient worker on his team. As far as team structure goes it would be much easier to meet face to face it will have much more organization than a virtual meeting however I have been a part of many virtual meetings that go great, you just need to follow up much more with co-workers in that meeting to make sure they have something to bring to the table and are prepared for the meeting. Communication in these two types of meetings shouldn’t really differ as much unless there are network issues in which that case you shouldn’t be hosting a virtual meeting and if you don’t have a tight and trustworthy team. Performance as well you should be getting the same results whether it’s a face to face meeting vs. a virtual meeting, as long as the co-workers are reliable enough and you trust them to do their part. Conducting a virtual meeting is more technology based than the old school “face to face meeting”. However they both serve great functions, and when conducted properly you will end up with satisfactory results. If you are deciding what style of meeting to conduct with your team I would consider the time you have versus the maturity and reliability of

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