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Grub N Go LLC Interview with Orlando Cruz Josh Marquez Orlando Cruz is owner of Grub N Go LLC. Which has been in business for the last several years? Currently he works the business out of his own home where he lives with his wife Lisa Cruz. He has two kids Rosie and Sergio both who are about to graduate from college. Before meeting his wife Mr. Cruz lived in several different areas as a youth from Puerto Rico and to where he graduate high school in 1981 from Ft Worth High, Indiana. For the past ten years Mr. Cruz has been working at Goodwill who provides service to Great Lakes Naval Station in North Chicago, IL. Orlando Cruz is a contract machine mechanic, whose primary job is to work on machine (mixers, ovens, stove, etc.). Prior to Goodwill he has work for Abbott Laboratory for ten years where is working on a degree as a Biochemist. (Cruz, Orlando, 2012) He explained that he went to Northeastern in Evanston but never finished due to layoffs in the Abbotts. Also work at Dexter’s for the ten years prior to Abbotts as a taster until being laid off. Being laid off every ten years this was drove Mr. Cruz to start Grub-N-Go LLC. Orlando came up with the name Grub n go from his work. There is a station there where you get salads and soups with the name Grab GO. That is where is the Citations Cruz, Orlando. (2012, May 04). Interview by JPM Marquez [Personal Interview]. Grub n go biography.

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