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Homework 2 E 4.4 Malta Malta There is a positive relationship shown in the graph. b. Malta’s trade share is 2 and it’s the spot shown in the graph. c. From the table, the slope is 2.31 and the intercept is 0.64. growth = .6402653 + 2.306434* tradeshare growth1 = .6402653 + 2.306434* 0.5= 1.7934823 growth2 = .6402653 + 2.306434* 1.0= 2.9466993 d. From the table, the slope is 1.68 and the intercept is 0.96. so the ∴growth = .9574107 + 1.680905* tradeshare ∴growth1 = .9574107 + 1.680905* 0.5= 1.7978632 ∴growth2 = .9574107 + 1.680905* 1.0= 2.6383157 e. Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily. It is a transport site, which can explain its large trade share. Many imports and exports in Malta, so it should be included in the analysis. E6.3 a. | Unit:Ptg point$Pure numberyearper yearper year | b. From the previous pages, the coefficient of RevCoups is -2.15. c. According to the table under (a) and (b) Growth=0.6268915+0*0+1.340819*.5423919+0.5642445*3.959219+(-2.150426*0.17)+0.3225844*.281901+(-.0004613)*3130.813=1.86922882 ∴Growth= 1.87% d. Growth=0.6268915+1.340819*(.5423919+.2283326)+0.5642445*(3.959219+2.553465)+(-2.150426)*(0.17+.2254557)+0.3225844*(.281901+.494159)+(-.0004613)*(3130.813+2522.979)= 2.12689206 ∴Growth= 2.13% e. Since oil is variable, there will be no difference in this case since oil=0 for every country. E7.4 a. From the table above, p=0.134. ∴With 95% confidence interval, the coefficient of tradeshare is statistically significant. b. We can conclude that p-value=0.0009, with 95% confidence interval, it cannot be overlooked. E8.4 a. The plot suggests a nonlinear relation. b. (1) (2): regression (1):∆Growth1=0.2429753*2=0.49 regression (2):∆Growth2=1.016292*(ln6-ln4)=0.41 c. After do regression(3), According to the test result above,

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