Growth of Bannari Aman Group Essay

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GROWTH OF BANNARI AMMAN GROUP TEAM 11 TULIKA JEENDGAR SIDDHARTHA PANAPAKAM CASE SYNOPSIS: BANNARI AMMAN GROUP (BAG), one of the largest industrial conglomerates in South India with diversified field reach like manufacturing, trading, distribution etc. BAG is also into service sector which comprised of wind power, education, health care etc. The Net worth exceeded Rs.12, 073 million with sales turn over Rs.25, 513 million. BAG is mostly a family centred business which consists of 3 listed companies Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd(BASL) Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd Shiva Texyarn Ltd(STL) VISION: Grow Business to provide opportunities for involvement of all four brothers in the family. CONCERN: Produce quality products and invest in state-of-art production processes. CASE PROBLEMS: 1. Are the business heads capable of handling their units all by themselves? 2. How will the unit heads act to optimize performance of their units? 3. Small Land Holding for Sugar cane Cultivation. Page 1 of 7 Case Analysis: SWOT Analysis: STRENGTHS: Value Based Management Good Reputation at all important ports & air cargo terminals Long-term business association Timeliness & Efficiency Immense Goodwill WEAKNESS: Not generated any kind of Publicity No Brand Image OPPORTUNITIES: Long term plan Sustainability in all the fields Exportable Power Growth of Business in Ethanol Fuel THREATS: New Entrants Government Policies Page 2 of 7 INTERNAL ANALYSIS: HR ANALYSIS: 2 sets of people recruited: 1. • Doers, who are young,energetic and responsible 2. • Thought Leaders, well experienced, mentors and guides  Insurance for workers against snake bites and injuries.  Officer in-charge & 5 to 7 inspectors to oversee the operations and best practices. OPERATIONS ANALYSIS:  Quality Sugar, Granite,

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