Growth In Neil Postman's Technopoly

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Technology’s Growth The rapid advancement of technology in our society is dangerous and Neil Postman’s book “Technopoly” will explain this when you read it. Neil Postman wrote this book to warn society about the surrender of culture to technology. He starts the book with the legend of king Thamus entertaining the god Theuth who was the inventor of many things. Thamus says that “new technologies change what we mean by ‘knowing’ and ‘truth.’” He then goes to break down society into three different cultures: tool-using, technocracies, and technopolies. He then goes into further detail describing the differences in each one. Frankenstein starts off with a man and his assistant digging up a body that had just got buried. It turned out they were looking for a brain and apparently they one they found they could use the brain of. So Frankenstein had his assistant go and steal a brain from a class that’s comparing a good brain and a bad brain. When the assistant grabs the good brain he gets spooked and drops it only to end up with the criminal brain. Frankenstein sews together a body made from old body parts and he ads metal to the neck. He then strapped it to a cot like bed and uses a type of pulley system to…show more content…
We in the world today don’t realize what we are missing while we have our noses buried into our smartphones. We are so tuned into what we want everyone to know and what is going on in everyone’s lives that they want us to know, no one connects on a more personal level anymore. Parents are too busy on their phones to look at the trick their child is showing them, your popularity status is based on how many twitter followers you have, and heaven forbid anyone have a real conversation anymore without the phrase “LOL” somehow included. And that is why I believe the rapid advancement of technology in our society is
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