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When you are a child people, express to you, in many ways, to “live life to its fullest”. To party as much as you want, but not too much. To “just be a kid as long as possible”. To not give in to peer pressure. My family did no such thing. When I was a child, I knew nothing of parties, aside from piñatas and cake. I knew nothing of what was coming in the future for me. All I knew where family-get-togethers and that I would never, in my lifetime, touch alcohol. I knew back then the consequences of alcohol. Vomiting, severe headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, impaired judgment, possible drunken violence, and those are only the consequences that go away with time! I decided at a very young age to never consume alcohol, because of the effects I saw on my family members. The things that I saw, you would never expect a young girl to see but it did happen, and I am glad I saw them. If I had not seen them, then I never would have known my family’s struggles. I can recall my first memory of my uncle’s drinking in front of me and then starting fights. I would always be ushered away from it so I would not get hurt. My uncles slurred screaming “why don’t ya come a lil’ closer?!” I could hear it as I was being pulled in a car or in a house. I could always hear them. Picturing in my mind their stumbles and falls along the way of trying to start this fight they couldn’t win. I could hear the commotion of them begin to fight as others in the house began to crawl through the front door to see. I could hear the sirens of a police car come, and that of my uncle telling them to “F*** off”. All because they had too much to drink and made a wrong decision. Another significant event in my life happened just a few years ago. My father was a marine. He fought for his country to go to college, and when he came home he met my mother. For years my parents did as their friends and

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