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Growing World Population Essay

  • Submitted by: rfrost
  • on May 2, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ryan Frost
Essay #2 Final Draft
English 101
Growing World Population
From the 1950s to present day the world human population has been growing at an alarming rate.   It is a heavy concern for anyone with a future to look forward to because there are simply not enough resources on Earth to accommodate the world’s current population of 7 billion people according to the UN Population Fund.   Approximately ten thousand years ago humans were surviving nomadically or with a hunter gatherer method.   This method of survival is seen as more difficult but a much more natural approach and therefore prevents humans from over populating. With the rise of agriculture and a more technology driven technique of survival, human population began to grow.   Other factors such as advances in medicine and sanitation also assisted population growth by astronomically decreasing death rates.   There are about 620 people alive today for every one person alive before agricultural advancements.
Some people argue that world population is a non-issue and that the world, especially America from an immigration stance, can actually sustain more people as Americans, who represent only 4 percent of world population, consume 25 percent of all resources. On the other hand, some may call those people ignorant.   Numerous regions, mostly in wealthier countries, are well off but as modern society becomes more and more global it is necessary to understand that what affects poorer or overpopulated countries can affect the world.   Some consequences of this are the thousands of humans that starve to death each and every day, illegal immigration, which is a huge problem for the United States, water supply is getting close to dangerous levels, forests are being destroyed and air in most cities is becoming extremely unhealthy.   Ocean water may cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but “thirsty humans rely on finite supplies of freshwater to stay alive. And with exploding human...

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