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I. Intro / Summary of the Novel Growing Wings by Laurel Winter Linnet, an eleven-year-old doesn’t know why her shoulder started to ache and itch. And every night, her mother──Sarah McKenzie, touches her shoulder rather than give her a kiss. Many things about her mother made no sense. Like why she told the school Linnet had a heart murmur, even if she really didn’t and why she wouldn’t let Linnet cut her hair. Because of curiosity, Linnet asked Sarah what’s wrong with her. Then Sarah told Linnet that she’s starting to grow wings. Sarah knows what it feels like because when she was young she began to grow wings. Unfortunately, Margaret McKenzie─ Linnet’s grandmother, cut them off. That’s why Sarah is a “cutwing”. She promised that she would let Linnet to grow her wings. They went to a motel and stayed for almost three nights. But in the third night, Linnet waits for her mother to come back until she fell asleep. When she woke up, the other bed was still untouched. Her mother didn’t return all morning. Linnet decided to look around the room for clues Until she saw a crumpled note paper in the bathroom. It was notes from her mother. The last note gave her a way to the answer, “Margaret McKenzie” was written there. Linnet went to her grandmother’s house. But her grandmother brought her to Ellen Samuels. She stayed at Ellen’s house which they also called “sanctuary” for winged people like them. Linnet was really surprised when she saw Andrea──a thin girl with black wings, Jan──son of Ellen, Jake──a little boy; son of Jake and Charlie──who has distorted wings. All of them have wings, except Ellen──a “cutwing” and Jake. She thought that it was just a dream. As day passed, Linnet seems to like staying in Ellen’s house. But she’s still trying to call her mother. Linnet has a big chance to fly using her wings. Linnet and Andrea became good friends.

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