Growing Up in a Large City and in a Small Town Essay

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Cheng Hsien Tan Comparison-Contrast Essay Composition I Xiaoping Du 10/31/12 Growing up in a large city and in a small town Everyone experiences growing up in different places and families. I grew up in a very small neighborhood that has only four families where nearby a theme park when I was an infant till six years old. There was not any kid that was close to my age lives there. The only entertainment when I was in kindergarten is playing at the theme park. My parents brought me to the theme park every weekend. The reason I lived there was because of my father’s job. He worked as a project manager in a company called “Genting” and helped the company to survey more lands in order to develop more theme parks. The good thing is I was still very young and did not have any experience, so I did not care much about where I live or why I live in this boring place. Until when I was six years old, my father resigned and we moved to a big city. I grew up in a big city since I was seven years old until before I came to the United States which was twenty-one years old. There was when I started to experience of growing up in a large city. There were so many houses around where I lived. A neighborhood where I lived in is so much larger than the one before. A decent transportation facility is necessary when comes to city. Roadways are wider and more travel lanes. Every roadway has shoulder for sidewalks and bike paths. There are different posted speed limits for different areas depending on how much the traffic is. Some larger roadways have median to divide opposite travel lanes due to high speed limit or high traffic volume. When I was in high school, I need a car to drive to the closest restaurant or other shops. It took me ten minutes to drive there. My high school was thirty minutes away from my house by driving. Every morning when I have to go to school, I have

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