Growing Threat of Anti-Americanism

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American exceptionalism has continued to pan across the entire world with its cultural, socioeconomic and technological advances that has altered nearly every other society. The growing trends of transformational alterations to worldwide societies and governments have produced both delight for its beneficial effects even as distaste and hatred flowed from envy and ignorance. These nations and ethnic groups who have despised America’s efforts, twist the facts and policies of U.S intentions so that they could persist in distracting their citizens from the necessary social changes needed domestically. As growing anti-Americanism continues to shock the world, it is necessary to look within it to find the harmful effects it may have upon United States, and what America could do to counteract its growing insurgency. Understanding the growing anti-Americanism is imperative in finding the correct solution to the growth of American hate. As Professors Peter J. Katzenstein and Robert O. Keohane define Anti-Americanism, “a psychological tendency to hold negative views of the United States and of its American society in general”, it is a growing need for the United States to find what truly ails it, and cure the disease that has turned the world against it. As greater emphasis is placed upon the understanding and theorizing of the causes of Anti-Americanism and its root instigators, it is simple to see the divide within the hatred. With the spread of disapproval, out of the multitude of divided groups of anti-Americanism, America’s fears lie with one true enemy. The Radical Anti-Americanism believe that no solution could ever exist with the infidel Americans, and with whom persuasion is futile. With the Liberal anti-Americanism, America finds itself fighting against the revulsion of its allies who utterly envy the strength, culture and power of
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