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Megan Rose Whitt Personal Narrative /Autobiographical Essay containing an Epiphany A Helping Hand (Essay 1) ENGLISH111/34F/Fridays 8:30-11:20 Septemeber12, 2014 Megan Rose Whitt Professor Wieland ENGLISH111/34F/Fridays 8:30-11:20 Due: 12September 2014 “Look at him, he’s stupid.” Said a young boy with a blue shirt and khakis.” “What a retarded drool bag.” Remarked Dan. “Listen here Dan, if you are going to pick on someone because of a disability then you are just cruel and sick. Saying stuff like this could get you kicked off the wrestling team. What if you were in his shoes?” I roared. The warning bell rung and everyone darted to class. “Hey megan, I am going to work on our math homework. Want to join during study hall?” I responded “Sorry not today. Maybe we can check our answers in the morning before class.” “You sure?” Katie asked. As everyone race down the hall avoiding being late, I showed the study hall teacher my pass and went to the office to schedule my next semester of classes. When I got there my counselor was busy with another student so I had to sit and wait. When I sat down I opened up a local magazine that was lying on the metal rack. When I finished looking at the pictures I looked up and then I saw him. The boy I stood up for two weeks ago during a passing period, The boy who was laughed at because he used a walker and drooled everywhere , and the boy who was said to be retarded that was sitting in the office with his mother. That day was a long Friday afternoon. I was heading to the tedious class of the day. I was fighting throw the crowded checkered hall when I first seen Jayce. With scruffy hair, and thin dangling legs. I see him again. “Hi Jayce” I told him. He gave me a sly smile. I was about to take a somewhat big

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