Groups, Teams & Conflict Essay

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Groups, Teams, and Conflict MGT/311 January 20, 2013 Gerald Tramposh, Ph.D. Groups, Teams and Conflict As a team superintendent with Riordan Manufacturing, the task has been assigned to create teams within the company to begin the production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve heart valves. There are several strategies available for the development of the teams, all of which have strengths and weaknesses. Part of the team development will also be the issue of addressing conflict, as is the case in any work environment. A review of different conflict strategies will also indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each option. Team Development Strategies During the development of any team, it is important to review aspects of the employee candidates including their personalities, work ethic, and job requirement history. These aspects of individual team member development are critical in understanding which individuals will work best together and as a result, provide the best production and profit for the company. Five different strategies will be incorporated in the development of this important team. Defined Goals and Responsibilities By assessing clear goals, every team member understands the importance of their individual component in the successful operation of the team. As individuals, team members know what is expected of them as individuals, within their job function and their performance on the team. While establishing these goals and responsibilities is a key component to team success, team members may focus too strongly on the goal component and isolate themselves from other team members. This is an aspect of this strategy that may need to be addressed as they team begins production. Communication An open line of communication between all team members and team leadership must be maintained at all times. By providing this open

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