Groups, Teams, and Conflict Essay

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Groups, Team, and Conflict MGT 311 Version_1 Groups, Team, and Conflict A new team has been formed to begin production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve heart valves which will be manufactured in our current Pontiac, Michigan location where the current manufacturing of custom plastic parts has been going on for over a decade. Many of our current employees will be moved over to the new group, and the company is in the process of hiring new individuals with exceptional experience within this field. During the hiring process, the company will train our existing employees and all new hires so that these individuals will be able to make the necessary adjustments and learn the new material for success in this new venture. Part 1: Team Strategy Plan To build this new team efficiently, we have organized different team creation strategies that will bring a renewed viewpoint on the medical industry and specifically a new perspective for the CardiCare Valve heart valves. The team strategy will focus on making these valves with precision, high quality, and very durable material since these valves will most likely be a life-saving product for all people. Keeping CardiCare a client of Riordan will be our #1 goal, and to achieve this, we will need to create strategies that have never been seen before, which will separate our company from the competitors in the same market. A strategy that has been proven to be successful at Riordan Manufacturing is the leadership creation strategy, which designates those individuals who have clearly demonstrated leadership qualities at Riordan within their previous departments. These senior individuals are trained to stay on top of their team members and monitor the progress with constant reporting back to the higher ups at the company. The strengths behind this type of strategy allows for focused communication with each

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