Groups, Teams, and Conflict Essay

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Part I: Team Strategy Plan I feel as a Superintendent within Riordan Manufacturing, that it is extremely critical to ensure that teams are properly set up to disburse the job duties and functions in order to be successful and complete required tasks on time. We have selected teams from all of the current employees with Riordan Manufacturing. The purpose of this team is to begin the production of the CardiCare Valve in which will be done at the Pontiac Michigan warehouse. This paper is being written to establish and determine the strategies that are going to be used to create the teams, the different challenges that the team may come across, and the steps and procedures that I will take to make sure that the team is running efficiently and effectively. There are so many different strategies that need to be considered when creating a team setting if you want your team to be successful. With being the superintendent, I feel that it is critical to use the five strategies that is designed for effective teams with implementing the new design of the CardiCare Heart Valves for Riordan Manufacturing. I feel that the first strategy that should take place would be the selection of the leaders who will manage and maintain that the team knows what is expected of them and to evenly divide the work within the team members to ensure that everyone is being treated exactly the same. It is critical to make sure that clear expectations are set amongst the team, and according to Robbins & Judge (2011), you should “begin by analyzing the team’s mission, developing goals to achieve that mission and creating strategies for achieving the goals and that a team cannot function without agreeing and following these terms”. The leaders that are in charge should evaluate and determine the skill levels of all the individuals within the team and assign their position within the team based on

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