Groups, Teams, and Conflict Essay

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Groups, Teams, and Conflict Priscilla Navarro MGT/311 May 9, 2013 Mike Sawyer Team Strategy Plan To hire an effective team a manager has to look at each employee as an individual and their strengths and weaknesses. Some individuals are already team players and may not need that extra push to be a part of a team. Others may not be team players but could be trained to become one and some just may not be able to be a team player at all. Looking at their individuality can give a manager an idea on what that person needs to work on and how effective they can be on a team. The best strategy to build teams would be to perform evaluations of employees and focus on the each person’s strengths and build on their individuality. Weaknesses also play a part in process. Determine if their strengths outweigh their weaknesses and if they can be formed into a positive team member. If training is to play a part in the decision making incorporate that with the recruitment of the team players. The challenges and barriers that may occur could include personalities, individuality, and job performance. Every person has an opinion and a way of doing things. It does not mean any one person is right or wrong, but a difference in performance. That sometimes can cause conflict between members and if there are strong personalities, it can become a conflict. Some employees may work at a slower pace, but pay attention to detail, and some can work at a faster pace and get more work done. These traits can cause conflict as well between team members. If the manager can select different tasks to complement each individual it could be a positive environment and each could appreciate each other’s strengths. The measures that could be taken to determine if the team is operating successfully would be to evaluate the team monthly or quarterly. Check numbers of operations and performance and

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