Groups, Teams, and Conflict Essay

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Groups, Teams, and Conflict MGT 311 Organizational Development January 20, 2013 Riordan Manufacturing will be hiring some new employees to put into teams to produce new heart valves. The company will have to have a Team Strategy Plan and a conflict management plan. There is several of each to choose from and some are better suited that others the trick is finding the right one of each. Every company should have these in order to help prevent as much conflict as possible and that way the company’s people know exactly what is wanted and expected. Team Strategy Plan Having a team strategy plan will help in the building of the teams and help in keeping the running smoothly without any issues but how do you know which is the best. The company needs to set guidelines which will help to decide which strategy would be the best for the team. Clear goals and objectives is a very good one. Each person in the team needs to know exactly what is expected of them as a person and as a group and making sure that the goals and objectives are clear is how to make sure each person knows. Channels of communication are another thing that needs to be known. Every person needs to know what channels to use for communication and who to talk to if they have a problem but it is not the most important or the best strategy. Conflict resolution is there to solve any conflict that may occur. Consequences are something that each company needs to have in case there is a conflict or problem. If the group does there job and does not have any problems then that is when they get to enjoy their accomplishments. There can be barriers during the formation of the group and the way to prevent that is to find out information on each person that is being considered for the group. Every person has their own beliefs and the way that they do things which is learned over the years of

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