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Groups, Teams, and Conflict An important part of adjusting to an organization is learning how to work as part of a team. At every level in the organization, it is important to work cooperatively with others. Employees have to work cooperatively to reach the pinnacle of power in a company. Employees can improve their status as a team player if they share credit with team members, give information and opinions to them, and touch base with them on important issues. Part I: Team Strategy Plan Strategies Available to Build Teams Sharing credit with team members is a direct method of promoting the team concept. Instead of focusing on one person responsible for a work achievement, achievements are pointed out that it was the product of a team effort. Giving information and opinions to team members shows an employee is team-minded because one benefit of teams is the members can engage in a sharing of ideas. The result is often a better solution to problems than would have been possible if the employees worked alone. Synergy is the name given to this phenomenon of group effort whereby the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Touching base on important issues is keeping team members informed about plans a member has that could affect him or her. An example of this concept is to inform peers about a suggestion a team member is planning to make to management. If the proposal is accepted, the team member is more likely to gain the support of coworkers in implementing the idea so the suggestion is not a big surprise. Challenges or Barriers It is important to be a good team player in an organization, but it should not be carried so far that the employee loses his or her personal identity. This type of behavior decreases the chances for success as an individual. Frustration is a potential challenge or barrier because egos are involved in a team

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