Group Observation Essay

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For my group observation, I chose to observe three group sessions at The Way Inc. The Way is a six-month program for me who have abused drugs or alcohol in some way. Founded in 2007, The Way teaches Christ-centered recovery through vocational training and experience. The members enrolled in The Way recovery program live on-site and only leave to go to church, or to work in various different locations including The Saving Way Thrift Store that fully funds the Way Inc. program. There were a total of 8 members in the group and when I came to observe the group was ready to begin their 3rd session. Each session was usually an hour and a half long, but on my last day of observation the session lasted a little over two hours. The leader of the group sessions was Tom Reynolds. If I had to choose what type of leader he was, I would definitely say that he was a democratic leader. He hardly ever spoke and a lot of the issues were worked out among the members of the group without much help from him. He always asked members to elaborate more and he didn’t allow the group members to give one-worded answers because of this, the group always flowed smoothly. One my first day of observation, Mr. Reynolds introduced me to the members of the group and then told them to ignore me for the rest of the time that I was there. He then prayed for the group to go successfully and began with an opening question. His question was what has your addiction cost you? A member named Dana M. was the first to respond. He had been enrolled at the Way for about a month and he said that his addiction cost him everything. Mr. Reynolds asked him to elaborate and he responded by saying that he was a prominent lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland with three children and a wife who was also a lawyer and he lost them. Mr. Reynolds asked him how he became addicted to drugs, in this case cocaine, he asked what was he
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