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Group Observation Assignment March 22, 2012 Kim Ragan Southern Illinois Celiac Support Group Neighborhood Co-op Grocery’s Community Room at Murdale Shopping Center, 1815 West Main Street, Carbondale, IL 62901 March 8, 2012 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm Marjorie Yuill A. The purpose of the group is support people living with Celiac Disease that must be on a gluten-free diet to keep from having flare ups from the disease. They discuss gluten-free products that they have tried and which ones tasted good or bad as well as any new advances in medicine for celiac disease. They discussed coping strategies for what they could and couldn’t eat, and shared their personal experiences of coping with Celiac Disease including how long it had taken them to be diagnosed with the disease. The group promotes public awareness that celiac disease is a genetic condition and that it effects 1 out of 133 people, its symptoms, and the tests required to diagnose this disease. The setting was at the Neighborhood Co-op Grocery’s Community Room in the front of the store, which had a large dining table with 12 chairs. The group is friendly, open to the public, and meets every 2nd Thursday of the month. Marjorie Yuill works at the store and is the sponsor for the Celiac & Gluten-Free Living Group. B. The Celiac Group had three men and six women present at the meeting. Most of the members in attendance were in their late 50’s to 60’s or early70’s, but one woman was in her 30’s and she has celiac disease and a daughter about 12-years old that is gluten intolerant. Most of the group members reported having abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, anemia, significant weight loss, but symptoms vary in severity and are not always gastrointestinal. Celiac Disease is an inherited autoimmune disorder and a disease of malabsorption because the body cannot absorb nutrients to

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