Group Norms In 12 Angry Men

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1. One of the norms that were established among the jurors were their attitudes towards time. It was a general feeling that everybody had the case figured out and wanted to leave. Another norm was that none of the juror members addressed anybody by name. This might have been a tactic used in the film but it is something that I noticed. The final norm I wanted to mention was the way the group initially viewed the man that first had reasonable doubt. They thought that he was crazy and they were frustrated that he protested what they thought to be a unanimous verdict of guilty. 2. One role I noticed was that of a procedural technician and this was carried out by the head of the jury. He kept the group focused on the task at hand. He held votes to see where the group was at as a whole as well and kept his ears open to matters concerning the progress of the group. He helped the group by setting them straight and making sure that they were getting a verdict. He did have some struggle when some of the group members did not think he was doing the best job and he told them that they could do it instead. There was a man sitting next to the oldest gentlemen who was not the man who initially had doubt that was a follower. Almost everyone in the group…show more content…
The architect who was the first to announce some reasonable doubt displayed the conflict management style of collaboration. It was not easy for him but he wanted to work with the group to come up with the best verdict. He did not see this situation as a game and he scolded those that did. I noticed that throughout the movie he did not attack anyone personally. A collaborator will leave personal feeling out of problem solving. A collaborator has to realize that it their plight will take patients. The man who had the tickets to the baseball game really wanted to leave but collaborator told him that even though his tickets were burning a hole in his pocket that they would come to a decision that was thought

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