Group Facilitation In Substance Abuse

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| Group Facilitation | Alcoholism | | | | Knowing how alcohol affects an individual and their families is the strongest reason why I would facilitate an addiction support group. Providing assistance to these individuals, encouraging them to learn coping mechanisms and provide them with the ability to overcome this disease. Initially, I would have small groups of 10-15 people to ensure focus on individuals, and to help them feel comfortable and start talking in a group environment. Secondly, I would install a daily routine to provide organization and a routine, in an environment where there was none. Thirdly, provide assignments and group studies; providing knowledge in understanding their disease, and tools in how they able…show more content…
We would be giving them assignments on the first 4 steps of the 12 steps to alcoholics anonymous. It also makes them do the first 4 steps instead of just learning about the steps. Importance of lectures is that it helps them with learning about their disease. That it is not entirely there fault they were born this way. They can do things to help fight their addiction. Last is to have groups all day. We would be having the usual home groups, but we will also be having 12 steps, big book study groups, and having group activities. This teaches them it is safe to talk to others about their addiction, and that they don’t have to go through with fighting this disease on their own. The importance of assignments, lectures, and groups is that it teaches the patients of their disease, and that they are not alone, and they can reach out to anyone at any given…show more content…
We would have to get patients that want to stop drinking. We would get this information by a screening process. This screening process would have to be done by filling out a questionnaire, and an interview. We would ask them questions on how long they’ve been drinking, what brought them here, have they tried to quit in the past, how drinking has affected their lives. Basically it helps us to see if they are genuine on their commitment to quitting, and that they are willing to go through a rigorous program. Be truthful, honest, and give their all to the program. We would also make them read, and fill out a confidentiality sheet. This states that whatever they talk, hear, and see while in treatment is for their benefit only, and not to say to anyone while on the outside. If these terms were to be breached that they would find themselves kicked out of the program, and having to pay the full amount. The importance of a screening process and confidentiality is to make sure that the people in the program are protected, and that the people that are in the program do want to fight this disease. In order for the program to work, it requires the patients to be committed to it. It is all up to them to want to fight this disease. All we will do is provide them the knowledge and tools. Some of the tools that we will be giving them are the importance of having structure in their lives. Having a daily routine,

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