Group Dynamics Within Goldings Lord of The Flies

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In the book lord of the flies Golding excellently portrays group dynamics through the characters by speech, actions, setting, and how Golding makes us see them in this book. By using these forms to truly show us how the GD of the group works, the way we feel may be different in each character but the end message for the characters roles and are feelings towards them are often the same. But the tricky thing is with the book, group dynamics can be seen by different perspectives of the different characters for all have there own point of view. Golding places them in situation were, there are no adults no people to enforce the rules and no consequences, hence being such the little English boys they are at the want to saver there civilized behavior and create a democracy, and Ralph decided on a vote is the leader, and jack self appoints himself as head hunter, Piggy is the intellectual outcast and simon is a mystic so to speak but how does this show group dynamics by golding, simple, different people, which equal some conflict and when you have a person who is power hungry and violent, it equals trouble. Survival of the fittest in this island that is all that it is, people who can not fend for themselves are considered useless to the people around them, people who cannot conform and any differences must be abolished. This message is what Golding has shown, For Piggy, Ralph and Simon this is false, but perhaps for Jack it’s the only way to keep his power going, to end everything which stands in his way. Considering there are 3 main groups under the one hierarchy in the beginning of the book, Hunters, Bigguns, and littuns, there are obviously going to be some differences, much like how within one school there are different groups of people, there are obviously going to be some differences and some similarities but, in this case for Jacks constant thirst for power

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