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Running Head: Group Dynamics Group Dynamics Group dynamics is the social process by which people interact. Group dynamics form a basis for group therapy. Politicians and salesmen may make practical exploitations of principles of group dynamics for their own needs. Increasingly, group dynamics are becoming of particular interest because of online, social interaction made possible by the internet. Kurt Lewin is the founder of the movement to study groups scientifically. He coined the term group dynamics to describe the way groups and individuals act and react to changing circumstances. Groups are defined as two or more freely interacting people with shared norms, goals and a common identity. Groups are divided into two classifications. There are formal groups and informal groups. Formal groups are formed by an organization. These groups have a public identity. They usually are comprised of a committee or task forces which are created to accomplish a short term task. After the task is completed they disband. These groups also are part of a team; they are people who regularly perform tasks together as part of their job assignments. Informal groups are formed by friends or those with common interests. They are a network of personal and social relationships. They are not established or required by a formal organization. They arise spontaneously as people associate with one another. Their primary emphasis is people and their relationships. Some examples of informal groups are a group of runners who are training for a marathon. They may meet a couple days a week to run together; their common interest is completing a marathon. In comparison of formal and informal groups, the general nature of formal groups is official where informal groups are unofficial. Major concepts of formal groups are authority and responsibility and informal

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