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9/28/12 Group Dynamics Writing Assignment 1w2 I haven’t been in too many groups or teams in the workplace, but I have played a few different sports. Some that were effective successful groups or teams, and others that were the complete opposite very ineffective groups or teams. So I’m going to give you a short example for the most effective but is also the most ineffective group/ team I have been a part of. I’m a part of an Airsoft team which competes in real-life military simulation games. This sport requires all members to know their roles and responsibilities to accomplish our goal which is to defeat the opposite team and “Win”. With this being a very competitive sport your team can be an effect group or an ineffective group all on its own. When we first began competing we were a very and I can’t stress very enough an ineffective team. We needed certain qualities or characteristics that we just didn’t have just yet. As we would soon find out in time, that we just wasn’t aware of our own qualities that we could contribute to the team. We were inexperience we didn’t have the effective characteristics needed to succeed as a team. Our team needed to come up with a goal to shoot for. We were just too unorganized and we didn’t quite operate as what some say a well-oiled machine. So we decided that our team will only be effective if our members contain and are aware of their own characteristics. Our team leader has been in the sport longer than everybody else so he has the experience needed to secure a win. Other members will have to contain a few other characteristics, I’m a great problem-solver, and my cousin is very action oriented, an etc. Our team has won 10 out of 15 matches, and we accomplished our goal by knowing our roles and executing the game plan. After reading the selection from my textbook I’m now able to see all the changes that were made. Changes

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