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Group Development Essay

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Taking Organizational Behavior has improved my willingness to be an effective team member and my views on how a team forms. Reading about the different roles of a team showed me where I fit in the group and the roles my teammates played. The Stages of Team Development showed how we as individuals became a cohesive team. I was assigned to team one with Michael, Jon, Hunter, and Zuo. We presented chapter ten on self-directed work teams and team trust.
Every group goes through the five stages of team development. How fast they complete each stage depends on the members as a whole and individuals. My group was the first to present and it made us go through the process quickly. The time restraint and various outside factors limited our potential development as a team. Even with the obstacles we faced, our team was able to finish the presentation at our highest capability.
The first stage in group development is forming. The forming stage began the second day of class and lasted until our second meeting. We were place into our groups and assigned a short team activity. During this time, we all introduced ourselves and told our majors, employment status, weaknesses, and strengths. We started to talk more on our similarities to try to ease the awkwardness. The team leader, Michael, established in the second meeting. He was the only member with access to a video camera and editing software on his computer. These items and skills were very important because our project was an original movie.  
By using Belbin’s Team Roles model, I was able to label each member of the group with the special role they played. The plants of the team were Michael, Jon and I. My weakness is public speaking so I came up with the idea of the movie. Everyone agreed with movie and the creativity stated to flow. Jon thought of the sketches for the different skits. Michael knew it would be boring to watch us just talk in the film so he decided to use the “moving mouth” pictures. I outlined the...

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